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  Major Obligatory Functions of the Board.
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Properties 10,100
Street Lights 3,800
Length of Roads maintained by PCB 48 Km (out of 75 Km)
 Vehicles 34
 Gardens 6
 Group latrines & no of seats 55/615
 Number of Schools
Primary Schools    6
High Schools    3
 Number of students 6409
 Hospital (100 bedded) 01
 Dispensaries 3
 Cattle sheds 04
 Community halls 03
 Market Stalls 225
 Slaughter House 01
 Traffic signals 13


Type of land No. of units
 Old Grant 2204
 Lease 178
 Freehold 47
 Perpetuity 3
 Proprietary 5


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Major Obligatory Functions Of the Board

  • Imposition and collection of Taxes and other fees / charges.

  • Street Lighting

  • Sanitation

  • Water Supply

  • Maintenance of Roads, Buildings, Drains and other Public Property.

  • Arboriculture

  • Registration of Births and Deaths

  • Health Services

  • Primary Education

  • Control Over Buildings and Streets etc.

  • Maintenance of Markets, Slaughter Houses

  • Regulation of Trades and Occupations

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Major Discretionary Functions

  • Constructing & Maintaining Public Parks, Gardens, Offices, Dairies, Bathing or Washing Places, Fountains, Tanks, Wells and other Public Utility Services.

  • Welfare Services and Houses for upliftment of those Dwelling in Slum Area.

  • Conducting Census and collecting vital Statistics and also carry out a survey.

  • Reclaiming Unhealthy localities.

  • Furthering Educational Facilities other than Primary School.

  • Relief Measures in case of Occurrence of Local Epidemic, Floods and other Natural Calamities by the Establishment or Maintenance of relief works etc.

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